Delta variant the ability of Covid-19, CDC?

CDC -  means Centers for Disease Control. CDC continues to work to identify how common post-COVID conditions are, who is most likely to get them, and why some symptoms eventually resolve for some people and may last longer for other people. Rapid and multi-year studies are underway to further investigate post-COVID conditions. These studies will help us better understand post-COVID conditions and how to treat patients with these longer-term effects. 한국야동닷컴

COVID-19 vaccines are still highly effective against hospitalization despite the surge in the more transmissible Delta variant, a scientist with the Centers for Disease Control said on Monday.

"Vaccines remain effective in preventing hospitalization and severe disease but might be less effective in preventing infection or milder symptomatic illness," the presentation said.

COVID-19 vaccine efficacy against infection seems to have declined

Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization ranged from 75% to 95%.

The vaccine's ability to prevent infection ranged from 39% to 84% since the introduction of the Delta variant.

Types of Ongoing Symptoms 

*Tired or Fatigue



*Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath


*Change in smell 

*To Lose your Taste

*Pins and needles feeling

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